that’s exactly what someone who’s dating their dad would say
Anonymous: Hi Jack I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that you often reblog images that objectify women and come off as pretty sexist. I don't mean to attack, I know you've got your reasons, but it kind of conflicts with the position I thought you held. As a woman following you, I see you post an image of a character leering at a woman's bare arse and it kind of conflicts with your 'consent' video. Very much admire your video work,thanks!


Hi there anonymous, firstly, thank you for your very politely worded message. You could have easily been much meaner. I personally identify as a feminist, I strongly believe and enforce this belief. At least, I try my best. However, I am not perfect and I am a straight, sexually active male. Those two things may seem to contradict each other but really I am just attracted to women. I’m not sure if that’s different to objectifying because I can’t stop being attracted to women and, yes, their bodies. I’m not attracted to men the way I am to women. But I do often have the same reaction. Often I will see Chris Pratt or Zac Efron or Chris Hemsworth and think “damn son”. Not sure what the conclusion to this is. I like people and their bodies.

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